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How to Study the Bible

Get a deeper understanding about how to correctly use God’s Word.  Many believers think they know how to study Scripture but they carry it more in their hands than in their hearts and most of what they believe has come from what they’ve been told, not what they’ve seen in the Bible themselves. Think of …

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Church Technology: Questions Answered

Get Answers Find answers to frequently asked technology questions. Got Questions? Have questions that aren’t answered here? Contact us. We’re glad to answer your questions and to add them to this resource.

40 Day Gospel Reading Plan

Take a 40-day challenge to read the Gospels.  When you complete each day’s passage, simply mark complete and the next day’s challenge will open. Enjoy and have fun getting to know the Lord through His Word.

Church Technology

Impact the families of your church and connect with your community through technology. Imagine the power of evangelism and discipleship resources on-the-go and in the pockets of your church family everywhere they go. We live in age where touch-of-the-button convenience and mobile technology have opened a new world of possibilities. Empower your congregation through technology. …

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Sharing Your Salvation Story

Your salvation testimony is simply your story about how you came to know Jesus. It’s easy to share and will open doors to tell people about how they can know Jesus too. One conversation can change a person’s forever. These simple tips will help you become an expert at sharing your salvation story.

Gospel Presentation Videos

Share God’s plan of salvation with the kids in your church.  In these 12-minute videos Christian Illusionist Kolby King uses creative tools to show how Jesus came to save us from our sins. All 5 sessions are free to use and have been provided by the generosity of churches and individuals. If these resources bless …

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Children’s Camp Worship Service Videos

Watch ventriloquism, illusions and humorous illustrations as Kolby King shares the Gospel with over 3,000 students at one of the largest children’s camps in America. Each of these three evening services clearly shares Bible truth and the plan of salvation.

The 40 Day Feast

Read or listen to an entire book of the Bible each day for 40 days. We’ve all heard of a 40-Day Fast but a 40-Day Feast? Well, first of all, this is not a celebration of gluttony but a commitment to “feast” on God’s Word by reading or listening to an entire book of the Bible each …

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