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Make a great first impression on newcomers and guests.

Looking for an effective and affordable website for your ministry? Our sites are tailored to give organizations like yours an outstanding and easy-to-manage website.

Watch the below video to learn more about:

  • The importance of a website
  • What’s missing on most church websites.

Our Websites Feature:

  • Clean, easy-to-use navigation
  • Engaging graphics
  • An appeal for all ages
  • Our sites provide a simple, visual presentation for sharing the Gospel.
  • We can help you set-up online giving.
  • We can help you set-up audio or video sermons.
  • We can include an “Our Stories” area where church members share their salvation testimonies. 
  • We customize the site to meet your needs.
  • Our sites work seamlessly with YouTube videos.
  • There are a host of extra options available.

Pricing: The price depends on the size of your church.

Please contact us for a price quote. All of our sites are customized specifically to meet your needs and our goal is to provide you with affordable church technology that needs little time or management from your end—A church website should work for you. You shouldn’t have to work for it. 

More Benefits

  • We set up your new website. You don’t have to build anything.
  • We will teach you how to manage your site.
  • Or, if you prefer, we can manage everything for you. You simply purchase the number of “changes” you expect to use during the year and anytime you need something changed, just let us know. (See pricing below.)
  • No need to pay anything until you’re happy with your new website.

Have your Website Evaluated: Click HERE to have a professional evaluation of your current church website.

See FAQs below…

Video – 2 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Set-Up
Instead of providing you with a website where you have to fill out everything from the beginning, we want you to start with a fully complete website. Once you contact us with your interest in a website, we will discuss your ministry and create a fully-functioning website, including content on all pages.

This makes launching your site as easy as simply telling us what you need.

Pricing and Affordability
One of the things that sets us apart from other web and app developers is that we are a ministry. Our goal is to share God’s truth and to help churches fulfill their mission. Because of this, if cost is a hindrance, let us know and we’ll do what we can to work inside your budget. You can also know that what you pay for your website goes to support missions and ministry.

Length of Term
We ask for an 18-month commitment on all plans after which you proceed month by month.

Ease of Use
Since we build your site on a WordPress Platform, you’ll have a user-friendly dashboard and a world of possibilities for implementing a variety of features.

Partial or Full Website Management
We can manage some or all of your website. Simply purchase the number of “changes” you think you’ll need. In other words, you can have a website where you just tell us what you want and we take care of the rest. We created this option so you can enjoy technology ministering for you without adding something else to your “plate.”

Cost of “changes” if you want us to partially or fully manage your website:

  • 1 “change” per month – 12 total to be used anytime during the year: $6/month
  • 2 “changes” per month – 24 total to be used anytime during the year: $10/month
  • 3 “changes” per month – 36 total to be used anytime during the year: $12/month
  • 4 “changes” per month – 52 total (1 per week) to be used anytime during the year: $15/month
  • 6 “changes” per month – 72 total to be used anytime during the year: $18/month
  • Contact us if you desire a specific amount of “changes”
  • Additional “changes” can be purchased at the same rate as your plan if you run out.

Of course, even without any purchased “changes,” we’re always glad to help. Please let us know any time you need something or want to add a new feature.

Existing Website Content
Many churches have good content on their old website. Moving that content over to a new site can be a big task. We are happy to move over all of that content to your new website – up to 50 webpages for free.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Payment for your set-up fee isn’t due until your site is ready and you are completely satisfied.

Online Website Management
Access and manage your church website from web-connected computers and tablets. No special software is needed apart from an internet browser.

Mobile Device Support
When people access your website on mobile devices, they will see a mobile-formatted version of the site with touch of the button access for calling, emailing and mapping directions to your church.

Online Sermons
We provide information on how to host your sermons online. We suggest Amazon for audio messages and YouTube or Vimeo for video. Once hosted, it is easy to post sermons directly on your website.

For an additional $12/month, we will manage your sermons for you. (Includes one sermon per week.) We organize your messages with easy-to-use search capabilities. Messages are tagged by topic and reference and organized by series and/or date. You can  also provide a description of the sermon and even upload the outline or sermon notes as a PDF.

Online Giving
Our website will work with any online giving provider. We recommend Vanco Payment Solutions for their quality and security in online giving. Some smaller churches are using donations through PayPal, with which your website is fully compatible.

Multiple Managers for your Website
Changing the content and the look of your website is always just a few clicks away. Designate specific administrative abilities to multiple website managers.

Unlimited Pages, Images, and Documents
Your website allows you to post as much content as you desire in order to most effectively inform your audience.

There’s no need to switch your church calendar when you switch your website. Our websites are compatible with most online calendar providers. Because of the ease and extra benefits, many of our churches use Google Calendars which will pull directly onto your calendar page.

Free Support 
Getting a website setup and and having a quality online presence should not be complicated or time-consuming. We are always glad to help solve issues and provide feedback.

Social Networking Integration
Tie your website to an online map and a variety of social media outlets. Then, use those services to point others back to your website. For example, as special events draw near, just tell your church family to use the social media buttons on the bottom of the page about that event and it will post the direct link to that page to their social media.

Website Look & Theme
We build all our original sites on a basic wordpress theme. Once your site is complete, you are welcome to change themes (hundreds of choices exist) or to upgrade your site to our premium theme of choice which can be purchased.

Design Flexibility
This is your site. Make it your own! Since we build your site on a WordPress Platform, you’ll have a user-friendly dashboard and a world of possibilities for implementing a variety of features.

Email Hosting
Add Business Email to your plan. That’s 5 email addresses with unlimited storage for as little as $5.99/mo.

Plan Features

  • Unlimited Pages and Photos
  • Integrated Mobile Website
  • Set-Up a Photo Slide Show
  • Fully compatible with any Online Giving provider.
  • Unlimited Document Uploads
  • Online Form Builder — Build registration forms, surveys, and more.
  • Basic, Password-Protected webpages. Some churches use this feature for providing curriculum to leaders or providing an online Member Directory
  • Blog / Posts — Share your heart with the world.  Post announcements. Or create your own written or video blog.
  • Online Store – Through Pay Pal you can sell items through your website (i.e., devotion books, etc.)

How long does it take before my website is ready?
Since every website and app is custom-built, once we receive your information, your new site is usually ready within a few weeks. Once you request a site or app, we will give you a timeline for production.

Do you provide on-site training?
We typically don’t have on-site training because it’s more affordable for you. But we are always glad to help you by phone or email. We will also provide you with online management instructions. However, if you desire on-site training, contact us for a price quote.

Can I rename, rearrange, and turn off different pages on the site?
All of these things are easily done from the dashboard of your website.

What are some good guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a domain name?
First, your domain name must be available. You can check for domain availability and cost HERE. It is best to keep the domain name short, simple and be an accurate portrayal of who you are. Abbreviations work fine in a domain name, and it is usually best to choose the .com, .org, or .net extensions. Sometimes extensions such as .church cost more. It is usually also best to purchase a domain name for multiple years at a time.

Are there advantages to having you purchase and manage our domain name?
There are a lot of advantages for having us manage your domain. First, we will renew your domain name each year, so it’s one less thing you have to remember. Also, we occasionally see situations where the person who registered a domain name leaves the church and is unable to be contacted. Further, we do not hold your domain name if you choose to transfer it to another company or website provider

Can we have more than one domain name?
You are welcome to have your website under as many domains as you choose. If you would like for us to host the extra domain names, we charge $25 per year per domain name.

What happens to the domain name if we cancel our website?
If we manage your domain name and  you decide to cancel your account, we provide simple instructions on how to transfer the domain into an account of your own. You are responsible for any costs incurred in the transfer.

If I have already registered a domain name, can I use that domain with a new website?
Absolutely. You are welcome to continue managing the domain yourself or you can transfer the domain name to us, which is what we recommended. Many churches have discovered that technology becomes easier when everything is hosted by the same company.

What type of web server security do you have?
Our websites are hosted on servers that apply the latest security patches and updates to protect your information. These security measures combine multiple approaches to prevent breaches, spamming, and hacking.

Do you have bandwidth limits?
All sites and plans comes with a 5G bandwidth limit. However, bandwidth isn’t an issue when you host your media on other sources and pull them into your site.


Feel free to Contact Us. We’re glad to help however we can.

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