New Here? FAQs

We want you to have a great experience using this discipleship site. And if you need anything, just let us know.

Issues or Technical Questions? Please Contact Us if you have issues or questions that aren’t covered here.

Struggling Financially?

We are a ministry and not a business. Because of this, we’re a little different. If there are digital resources on this website that would benefit your ministry, please Contact Us to ask for a scholarship.


Do I need an account before checking out? If you have an account, you can login during checkout but if you don’t have an account, making a purchase will create one for you. Our system will automatically create a user name and email you the password. You will be automatically logged in after the purchase is complete.

Can I pay with credit or debit card if I don’t have a PayPal account? Yes, you can check out as a guest. During checkout, simply choose the gray button that says “Debit / Credit Card Purchase.”

Do I have to create a PayPal account to check out? No, simply scroll down when it asks if you want to create a free PayPal account and click “Not Now.” It’s small print just beneath.

What if I bought a “course” but I still can’t access it? After a purchase, if a course or activity still shows a price instead of saying “Enrolled”, please refresh the page. If this doesn’t work, go to “My Account” and logout. Then log back in. If you are a first time user, check your email for your username and password. Once you log back in, that should take care of it. But if not, just call or email us HERE.

Can I pay by check? Yes, when you check out, just mark the “pay by check” option. We prefer that this option be used by churches and organizations and prefer that individual use a different payment method. Paying by check will process your order but it will be placed on hold until we receive and deposit your payment which can cause a delay in shipping or processing your order. For quicker or immediate access please Contact Us.

My Account/My Profile

How do I know if I’m logged in? When you’re logged in the Login/Register tab in the navigation bar disappears and instead you’ll see “My Account” where you can see purchased items, previous orders and logout. Under “My Profile” you can upload a photo, have quick access to the activities that you’ve enrolled in and more.

How do I logout? Go to “My Account” and press logout.

About the Store

There are two kinds of resources on this website: physical items that need to be shipped such as books, Gospel illusions, etc., and digital items which give you immediate access once you check out.

What’s the difference between items for Personal/Individual Use and Church Use? Many of our digital resources have two purchase levels: personal use and church use. Personal use is for one individual or family who plans to use the resources either in their ministry or family. Church use allows you to give access to anyone in your church with whom you desire to share the resources. You are purchasing both the resource and the right to share it throughout your congregation.

Using Resources at Your Church

As you browse through our site you’ll see a number of ways to purchase items and share them throughout your church. You can buy Bundles for Church Use or Name Your Own Price on all the resources. Many digital items are available for varying prices since both small and large churches use this website. Our desire is that money will never hinder ministry and we place a high degree of trust in the churches who use our site.

Make these resources available to everyone in your church. Learn more.

Let us know if you have more questions. Contact Us.

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