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About this website

There are three kinds of resources on this website:

  • Digital Items – Most of the digital items on our website are now free! Simply sign in or create an account to get instant access. Other resources are available for a one-time purchase, but if you are struggling and money is tight, please contact us. Because of the donations of generous individuals we are often able to grant some scholarships. We never want money to hinder ministry.
  • Physical Items – These resources are items that need to be shipped such as books, T-shirts, Gospel illusions, Bible artifacts/replicas, etc. Unfortunately, we can’t give these away for free but the purchase of these items supports missions and ministry around the world.
  • Instant Downloads – There are currently only a few of these on our site but more will come in the future. Some instant downloads are free and some need to be purchased. Our aim is to equip you with the best resources. Sometimes the production of these resources cost. We are committed to passing along to you the most affordable prices that we can.

Why are most of the digital items now free? When our ministry first began in 2008, our resources were all free and there were numerous churches all over the world that used our curriculums and even translated them into other languages. As our technology costs increased we set up a variety of ways to purchase resources including a “Name Your Price” option. Some oversees churches could only pay $1. We have always been a ministry and not a business and money has never been the primary factor in how we have made resources available. All this to say, in late 2023 our team decided that it is more beneficial in sharing the Gospel to make these resources freely available. We are able to provide these to you because of donations by individuals and churches who have given to bless your family and ministry. You can partner with us as well to help us continue providing quality resources with believers around the worldLearn more.

International Orders

We work with churches all over the world and, yes, we ship internationally. Not all of our payment methods allow international orders to be placed, so if you have issues, just Email Us, let us know what you want, and include your shipping address. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free shipping on international orders. We will send you an invoice, including the shipping cost. Once it is paid, your order will ship out.

All-Church Access

How do I give access to everyone in my church? Because we help churches of all sizes, we have tried to price items to be affordable everyone. If you purchase a resource, feel free to use it either personally or church wide. For example, you might want to share children’s Bible lessons with all your teachers or family devotions with all the families in your church. You can either print resources directly from your computer to share them or invite them to our website.

Donations to Offset Costs – We price items to help churches of all sizes. From a secular mindset, some would say that this is “bad business.” But our desire is to provide you with quality resources that touch lives. If you see the impact that these resources are making and you are able, donations help to support this ministry in continuing not only to provide new resources but to give resources to small and struggling churches as well as to overseas missions.

Can I track the progress of my church members as they use these resources? Certain resources such as the Beyond the Wall Evangelism Training can be set-up as a discipleship class under your church name. We can assign someone at your church to be the Group Leader which will give them access to tracking information, the ability to send group emails for encouragement and accountability and more. We will give you enrollment codes that you can use to invite church members to the class. The code will automatically enroll them with your church. Contact us to request more information and pricing for this added benefit.


Do I need an account before checking out? If you have an account, you can login during checkout but if you don’t have an account, making a purchase will create one for you. Our system will automatically create a user name and email you the password. You will be automatically logged in after the purchase is complete. Please check your email (and/or junk folder) for your password.

Can I pay with credit or debit card if I don’t have a PayPal account? Yes, you can pay with almost any credit or debit card. If you or your church would like to pay by check, please contact us.

Do I have to create a PayPal account to check out? No, you only need a PayPal account for subscription payments and one can be created for you when you subscribe.

Can I pay by check? Yes. Paying by check will process your order but it will be placed on hold until we receive and deposit your payment which can cause a delay in shipping or processing your order. For quicker or immediate access please Contact Us.

My Account/My Profile

How do I know if I’m logged in? When you’re logged in the Login/Register tab in the navigation bar disappears and instead you’ll see “My Account” (where you can see purchased items, previous orders and logout) and “My Profile” (where you can upload a photo and have quick access to the activities that you’ve enrolled in and more).

How do I logout? Go to “My Account” and press logout.

What if I bought a “course” but I still can’t access it? After a purchase, if a course or activity still shows a price instead of saying “Enrolled”, please refresh the page. If this doesn’t work, go to “My Account” and logout. Then log back in. If you are a first time user, check your email for your username and password. Once you log back in, that should take care of it. But if not, just call or email us HERE.

Printing & Downloading Digital Resources

This website has been set up to be print-ready from your browser. Your browser should allow you both to print and sometimes (depending on your browser) to export as a PDF. For example, on Safari, go to the top navigation bar and press File>Print or File>Export as PDF.

Using Resources at Your Church

Feel free to share these resources with others in your church.

Data Protection Disclaimers / Privacy & Security

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for our privacy and security practices.

Cookie Policy

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Return PolicySimple Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you with quality products. If you are not pleased with your purchase from 330ministries, just contact us within 30 days and we will give you a refund or a replacement. Depending on the product you purchase, shipping fees may or may not be included in the refund. Please contact us for specific questions. 


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