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Your source for fresh, creative online children’s ministry resources. These resources hold to the truths of Scripture without compromise and keep kids and teachers coming back for more.



Children’s Bible Lessons for Elementary Kids

Get 52 full-length Children's Bible Lessons for elementary kids that can easily be used in both large and small group settings—that's a full year of Bible teaching for your kids!


Overhaul Your VBS with Effective Training

We have created an online training experience to equip your VBS leaders and give you a variety of options for this summer’s unique opportunities. Whether you were planning a regular VBS or looking for something new, this training is a perfect fit for your leaders.


The Power of Balloon Animals

Balloon animals are a great way to engage people with the Gospel. Use them as a teaching tool, a conversation opener in evangelism, a tool while going door-to-door, or use them in ministry for sharing the Gospel at your church or in your community.


52 Devotions for Children’s Ministry Leaders

52 devotions to challenge and encourage children's ministry volunteers. These devotions can be printed and mailed, posted to a website or sent by e-mail to your children's teachers and leaders.


How to Lead a Child to Christ

Use a simple drawing to visually illustrate how Jesus saves in a way that a child can easily understand. This is a great method for sharing the Gospel not only with children but with people of all ages too. If a 7 year old can understand it, so can an 87 year old.


Questions Kids Are Asking

The world is pushing an agenda on our kids and they are asking questions. If we don't intentional answer their questions with the truth, the world will fill in the blanks for us. This free resource includes 400 questions that preteens have recently asked for you to use as a springboard for having conversation with your children.


The FLOOD: A Dress to Get Wet Kids Event

Give your kids something fresh and new this summer! The FLOOD is a 3-day "Dress to Get Wet" event. Keep your kids engaged with the Gospel while having fun and keep them coming back for more...


Games with a Point

Games are powerful ministry tools, especially for children who learn best by doing. Discover 45 of our favorite games in this section. Play the game, have fun, and use the spiritual application to help your children know and follow Jesus.


Creative Bible Lessons for Children

Includes FIVE six-week series--that's 30 Bible lessons for children that can be used as a teaching curriculum or adapted for in-home use. Series include: Marshmallow Madness, Sticky Situations, Kitchen Craze, More Kitchen Craze, and Balloon Blast.


Kids Say the Deepest Things

Discover what kids are thinking and asking. We surveyed hundreds of kids. See their answers to life, Bible and family questions. Some are funny, some are insightful, and some show that kids can say the deepest things. These questions and kid answers are great discussion starters for kids in your family or ministry.


Leading an Effective Fall Festival

Whether you’re looking for something fresh and new or just for ways to make your regular event better, this resource is just what you need to take your Fall Festival to the next level.


Thanksgiving Bible Lessons for Children

Great for small or large groups, for Sunday school or mid-week sessions and can be used for either personal or church use. That's right--feel free to share these lessons with everyone in your church.


Gospel Presentation Videos for Kids

Share the plan of salvation with your kids. Five 12-minute videos in which Christian Illusionist Kolby King uses creative tools to show how Jesus came to save us from our sins. All 5 sessions are free to use and have been provided by the generosity of churches and individuals.


Puppet Bible Lessons for Kids

Discover a fun way to teach your kids Bible stories and basic puppet skills at the same time in this 2-lesson series featuring: Jesus and Nicodemus – “God Loves the World” and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – “God Gives Us Courage”.
This purchase includes 2 interactive Puppet Bible Lessons. Add your own puppet-making crafts to them and you’ll have lessons your kids won’t soon forget.


Children’s Ministry Audio Training

Become an expert! More than 15 hours of children’s ministry training. Listen to these audio sessions online or on the go.


20 Fun Songs for Kids

Twenty songs for kids with hand motions that require no background music. Lead them anytime and anywhere to engage your kids, refocus your group and have a great springboard for teaching spiritual truth.


A 5-Day Children’s Event Curriculum

A team-based curriculum where small groups compete against each other in challenges as they have discussions and learn life-changing truths from God's Word. Simple and easy to lead. Strong in Biblical truth. Very few resources needed. This curriculum was specifically designed to be mobile and adaptable for groups of all sizes which makes it great for mission trips, day camps, "Backyard" Bible clubs and small group Bible schools.


Children’s Camp Worship Service Videos

Watch ventriloquism, illusions and humorous illustrations as Kolby King shares the Gospel with over 3,000 students at one of the largest children's camps in America. Each of these three evening services clearly shares Bible truth and the plan of salvation.

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