Questions Kids are Asking

The questions below came from children’s camps where we asked preteens (9-12 year olds) to give us their questions about life, God, the Bible, questions they have, and situations they’re face. Some of these questions are disturbing. Some are eye-opening. Some are the kinds of questions you would expect from kids and some aren’t.

As we share questions like these with ministers and parents around the United States, we often see the shock and realization that life for kids today is vastly different than for many of us when we grew up. This is a glimpse into the world in which our kids are living and their questions reveal the attack that is coming against them.

Last summer a 10-year old wrote, “I can’t sleep at night. I keep thinking about sex and porn. Please make it stop!” When I spoke with him, he told me that he attends church all the time and his dad is a deacon. His parents didn’t know what was going on with him. He had hidden it but it was eating him up inside. As we spoke, he said, “Nobody is talking about this stuff.” Not at church and not at home.

But the world is talking about it. It is pushing an agenda that will sweep our kids away if they are not ready to stand. Sadly, however, most Christian families are not having these conversations with their kids, and if we don’t Biblically answer their questions, the world is going to fill in the blanks for us.

Our goal in posting these it is twofold:

  • To create an awareness of what kids today are facing
  • And to give you a springboard to have significant conversations with the children in your life.

Throughout the year we’ll also be posting video answers for many of these questions. Watch for more information on this coming soon…

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The following questions came from a children’s camp for 3rd-6th graders:

Why does God not like me?

I am nothing if nothing means a useless, stupid, fat, ugly piece of trash.

I’m 11 and I think I’m bisexual. So is it a sin to like your own gender?

I am saved but my friends encourage me to do bad things, what do I do?

I am having trouble believing that I am saved! Please, help me understand.

Why did God create hell if He wants everyone to go to heaven?

I want to die.

If God made gay people and made it a thing people can be, why is it wrong? My dad said real christians are accepting of everyone.

If you are LGBTQ does God love you?

Will God be mad if someone didn’t know if they were going to heaven?

I feel left out. You said that God is always with us, but I can’t feel nothing. How do I know God is with me?

Why isn’t the Bible logical to todays world?

Once you’re saved will people try to trick you into not believing in Jesus?

If being gay is a sin? Then why did God design us like this?

So my friend is pansexual and she still just wants to live life no matter how many times I tell her the truth. What do I do?

I’m nice to my brother but he treats me like I’m junk.

How do you deal with parents that beat you? My mother struggled because her parents didn’t treat her right.

I’m adopted and my biological parents are abusive. They abused a baby so now it may have to be in the hospital for most of his life so my question is, Why do parents abuse kids.

If a baby dies at birth do they go to heaven or hell? 

If our population is so big, how does God have time for each individual person?

How do I know I’m good enough for God?

Why did God make us sinners?

If you’re a Christian but you die before you get saved will you still go to heaven?

Do you have to be baptized to go to heaven?

What does being baptized mean?

Are you homophobic? Do you not believe in the LGBTQ+?

Why do we have to live in misery when everyone lives in joy and happiness?

I feel like my parents are fighting because of me.

My mom never believes me because of my mistakes when I was not a Christian. How do I make it where she can trust me?

How do I quit hurting after 10 years?

Is it okay that I’m bisexual even though I gave my life to Jesus?

Why would Jesus take my dad from me?

My dad left me and brother. He hasn’t been to any of my birthdays. So how do I get used to it?

Why isn’t God answering me?

Does God see me in my darkest hours and try to help me?

Why can’t I get along with my dad?

Why do we die?

Why did Jesus die for our sins?

Why did they kill Jesus? He’s a good person.

How do I become a Christian?

How do I get into heaven?

I don’t know if I am going to heaven or hell. I want to go to heaven, but I don’t know if He will save me.

How do I know if I’m going to heaven?

I don’t know if I am going to heaven. I have been saved but it was years ago.

If you read the Bible will you go to heaven?

If I pray every night and asked God to come into my heart. I am nice to others. Am I a christian? Am I going to heaven?

Where do I go to get saved? How do I give my life to Jesus?

Why did Jesus die for us?

Why did God separate from us?

Why does God make us suffer?

I pray everyday, but I am still scared about a divorce.

Why is the Bible called a Bible?

My mom and dad are gay, so they are not going to heaven.

What made you want to become a pastor?

What is it like being dead?

Will dying hurt?

My brother treats other kids like his brothers and sisters but he doesn’t treat me like that.

In what ways do you touch someone spiritually?

Am I cool if I’m gay?

How do you feel about LGBTQ+?

Does God make our choices in life?

Do you think it is hard to make choices?

When was Jesus born?

Was it Jesus or an angel who was with Meshack, Shadrack and Abednego in the fire?

Why did God not want us to see him?

Why do family members die?

Is writing on the Bible ruining it?

Isn’t ass a cuss word, which is a sin???

How do you know if God loves you?

Why does God save us?

How was God created?

If the Bible said God was sinless, why did He flood the earth?

I am in a problem. I have been saved but lately I have not felt like it. What do I do?

Sometimes I feel lonely even at camp.

How do I know that Jesus loves me when He puts me through so much?

If God loves us so much why does He let people suffer from cancer?

How do you know if you are sinning but don’t think that you are?

How do you know that everything you believe in is true?

What do I do if I gave myself to the Lord but it’s not easy to talk to Him?

How do we know that God is real?

How do you understand that God is true and real? 

Why am I ugly?

How can God help me with my depression?

Why do you have to pray if God knows whats going on?

Can God hear me when I need help?

Why did the Lord let my heart drain in pain when my Ranpaw died in January? I didn’t even know him that well.

My aunt has cancer. Why does He not heal her already? Please, God. Please.

How do you deal with a death and stop grief?

My mom has cancer and I pray for her every night, but I’m worried it’s not working.

I have tried not to be scared, but no matter what I do I am still scared of the dark. What do I do?

I am afraid I’m going to lose my great grandmother.

Does God make animals and humans die for a reason?

How should I live a Christian life?

My mom and dad are fighting, what should I do?

People keep joking about my sister being adopted. What do I do?

Why is my mom so mean?

I feel like everyone around me is talking about me.

Sometimes I wonder if my friend accepts me the way I am.

Sometimes I have fights with my friends and can’t get over them. I need help.

How do I not fight with friends after they start rumors about me?

What would have happened if Adam and Eve didn’t eat the fruit?

Did God specify why He made the Bible 66 books?

Why was Eve Adam’s second wife?

What does it feel like to die?

Did God predestined me to hell?

What was before God? And how was God just there?

Is Jesus and God the same person?

Is changing your name a sin?

Who made the Bible?

What does Jesus look like in heaven? Do you know?

Why does God not take away sin if He can do anything?

I have trouble being nice to people.

What was Jesus doing during the three days He was dead?

How was Jesus made?

How can I not fight with my sitter?

How you know that we are going to heaven?

How can we hear God?

Why did God create people?

Why are God and Jesus men?

How did Mary die?

Do you know what God looks like?

Why is change hard and why does it hurt?

Were dinosuars alive with Adam and Eve?

How do you know Jesus did not have a wife?

How do you know if you are going to heaven or hell?

What will heaven be like?

A long time ago my grandpa died and I need help to get over it.

Why does life have to be so hard sometimes and why do people have to be so mean?

Why do some people not know about Jesus?

If God created everything, why do we have sin and why doesnt God take sin away?

Did Adam and Eve get married?

What would life be like if Jesus was still here?

What does God look like?

Why did God make hell if He doesn’t want us to suffer?

Why did God create earth?

When we pray, why do we put our heads down when He is above?

What if you’re wrong that you are saved?

Do you have to accept Jesus as your Savior with someone helping or can you do it on your own?

I’m not sure that I’m going to heaven.

If Jesus is God then why would He force himself to die?

How do you know that you have truly repented?

I have friends but I don’t know if they want to be my friend.

How do you become a missionary?

Why did you become a missionary? How old were you when you became a christian? How do you become a missionary?

I was saved last year at camp and I’m having trouble finding someone to tell about Jesus because everyone I meet is saved.

So you say that going to church won’t get you to heaven, how do people know about God if you don’t know that much about God to tell them? 

What do I do if I want to be a missionary? LOL when I’m older.

I don’t know if my grandma has given her life to Jesus.

My granpa doesn’t go to church, what do I do?

I have a friend that wants to learn about Jesus but her family doesn’t believe in Jesus.

This isn’t really a question, but I want you to pray for this boy in my class. He doesn’t believe in God.

My brother doesn’t believe in God, what do I do?

My Mimi is not saved and needs prayers. I don’t know what to do. And my brother is not saved.

I love Jesus! He is good!

Can you pray for me? Family issues.

How can I be a good person of Christ to help others?

I want you to please pray for one of the people that go to my school. He bullies a lot of people and I would like you to please pray for him. 

How do you spread the Word of God?

How do I explain how Jesus loves everyone to a non-believer?

How can I not fight?

How do you deal with bad parents that beat you? My mother struggled because her parents didn’t treat her right. 

Why did God make the devil if He knew what would happen? Is it to test our faith because without the devil there’s no challenges, no sin, temptation, or evil?

Where does God come from? Like who are His parents? 

Will God help my pa get through pneumonia? 

Where am I going to go when I die? 

Will I go to heaven? 

I don’t know if I’m going to heaven.

What happens if you go to the bad place?

My dog died. She was my all. I need her. I feel like killing myself.

I have these recent fears about me being kidnapped and I’m afraid God won’t help me cause I have done a lot of bad things and I don’t know if he cares about me anymore. I feel as if I should end my life. I don’t feel safe like I used to and I did give my life to Jesus last night. I just don’t think it will work. Please help. 

I feel useless.

My parents are divorced.

Is it okay to be glad my parents are divorced? 

How can you ask Jesus to forgive you? 

What is heaven like? Will I like it?

Why do I get bullied at school?

What do I do when my parent separate? 

How do you fly like an angel?

Who made God?

I’ve had bad thoughts about killing myself and I tried a month ago but I don’t know how to tell my family. I just hope God comforts me. I just need someone to talk to because I still want to kill myself. 

Did my grandma go to heaven? 

How does God see you?

How did Jesus walk on water? 

How can Jesus walk on water?

Can I walk on water or just Jesus?

Why does everyone go wild for famous people like you and not God? 

Will you get to see family and friends in heaven?

Can you feel in heaven?

How do you not get scared to go to heaven?

Do you think all people would love and like you?

How did God create you?

I am an 11 year old girl. My brother hits me and my other 13 year old brother sometimes. When my parents go places because my dad is at work 2 1/2 weeks out of every month and I try to go to my room to shut it all out but then my 4 year old sister comes and hugs me. It hurts to see her cry. I’ve prayed he will stop but he doesn’t. What should I do? 

Why does my baseball coach yell at me for wearing shorts but no one else got in trouble? 

When you go to heaven can you spend time with God all the time?

Is God and Jesus the same person?

When you die do you turn into an angel?

What do I do when my sister acts up a lot?

I’m going through lots of depression and I need help.

I’m baptized and right now I am 10 years old. I don’t think I have always tried to be my best self. 

Why does God love us? 

How did God do all this to the earth? 

Why sometimes in my dreams does God and the devil mix up into a new person? 

How can I help little kids?

I think of suicide 24/7.

How do I know if God loves me?

If Jesus loves me, why can’t I love myself? 

Does God love everyone? 

Why does everyone believe the forbidden fruit is an apple?

How old was Jesus when He died? 

When will Jesus return?

When you die what age are you? How do you look like in age? 

What happens if your grandpa dies and you miss him too much? 

So what will the angels look like?

Do angels have halos? Do angels have different colored wings?

Is it hard being a pastor?

What is the best thing about church? 

How do you do sports in heaven?

What do you think heaven is like?

Are we going to live with God in the same house?

Can you see other people in heaven?

I feel like my friends are annoyed by me.

Why do you use the cross for a symbol of God when He died?

What happens when you die?

What do you do when you die? I have been wondering for a long, long time.

If you don’t accept Jesus into your heart, do you go to hell?

Was there a hell before Lucifer?

What does hell and the devil look like?

I don’t think I’m going to heaven.

How do I get saved?

How do I know when I’m going to heaven?

How do you know if you’re going to heaven? 

If an 11 year old tried to get saved but doesn’t understand how to do it, will they still go to heaven if the rapture happens or if they die?

I 100% want to go to Heaven, but I’m only 40% sure. How can I do better to know?

God has not found His way in my life.

I have a friend. She committed suicide. I want to join her but I am going to hell. 

I have got saved but I’m still not sure I’m going to heaven.

How are you sure you’re a Christian?

I am not sure I am saved but I was too embarrassed to come.

I am not for sure if I am going to heaven. Please help. I did not get to go down last night (during the invitation) because I was scared. I’m so sorry I did not go. 

How do you get over your fears?

Who gave birth to God?

How does God see your sins and know?

If God didn’t want Adam and Even to eat the fruit, why was the tree there?

Does Jesus know when you are going to die?

What if you feel empty and lonely and can’t be happy?

I feel like killing myself.

My mom left. Is it my fault?

My parents are divorcing currently and my father is lying to the judge and cheating my mom out of money. Why does he want more and more? 

What do me and my sister do if my stepmom and our dad are fighting and it is getting worse every single year? 

My mom and dad are fighting a lot. My mom is trying to run from my dad.

What will happen when my mom breaks up with my stepdad?

What do I do when my parents are fighting?

I have renewed my faith in Christ and I have one question: How do you deal with divorce? 

How can I help my dad. He has stage 3 brain cancer and work has been really hard on him.

Recently I have lost two friends to suicide because they felt no one loved them. I tried to help them but I failed. I don’t know what to do. 

What do you do in heaven?

When little kids die, do they go to heaven even though they haven’t accepted Christ?

Why is temptation so hard to get away from?

What is heaven?

What can I do to help my biological family be saved and forgiven for the bad things in both my own life and their lives that they could have changed so that I wouldn’t have to be taken away from them and put into foster care. I am always praying for them every single day. I just want God to show me what to do. 

How do we know God is there?

Sometimes I think God is not real.

I have a friend that thinks no one loves her, and me and my friends have helped her a lot. I would like to ask for prayer for her. And she is a follower of Christ and she has ran away from her family a few times. Please pray for her.

I hear angels when the band sings. 

How should I handle suicide baiting?

How can I move on from something that makes me hurt so bad?

I watch porn. Does Jesus still love me?

How can God live in so many people’s hearts if He is only one person. I mean like to me it’s kind of sounds a little greedy. Oh, and also, I just want to let you know that last night I prayed when I got in bed and I truly let God work in my life and right at that second I felt the Spirit of the Lord in and around me. I actually felt Him hugging me. I am even feeling the joy of the Lord right now.

What if I believe in something else other than God such as the Greek gods?

Is it wrong to like the same gender because I used to but the moment I came to church camp I learned about God. I no longer like the same gender. 

Am I in sin cause I’m gay? So does God not love me? 

Why can I not see God?

How do you get closer to God?

My dad hits my mom. 

When did God create people?

When you read books in school and it says the first people were cave men, but in the Bible it says the first people were disciples and other people, so I want to know which one went first?

If God made people then why did He make bad people or was it the devil?

How do I know when God is talking to me?

I can’t go to church.

I became a Christian but I still don’t know if I’m good enough. Am I?

When God meets me at the gates of heaven and asks me, “Why should I let you into my heaven,” What do I say?

What do you have to do that will make you go to hell and what if you do it after you gave your life to Jesus?

What do you do if you are scared to invite someone to church?

What does it mean to rededicate your life to Christ?

I have 7 siblings and they make me mad. Sometimes they make me so mad I hurt them. I don’t know what to do.

If you’re suffering really bad depression, is God still with you?

What do I do if I have a secret that I want to tell but I can’t. 

One night I got my dad arrested because he was beating my mom. I feel like it is my fault. 

I have been saved but I feel like I have been getting farther apart from Jesus. Can you help?

What if you never read your Bible? Will you still go to heaven?

I was too scared to go up there last night (during the invitation) but I have been baptized but I do not feel like God has moved my heart. What do I do?

Sometimes I feel left out or just not noticed because one of my friends today really didn’t notice me and that happens a lot.

Why was I born?

How did God think of all the stuff on earth?

There are people here but do they believe in God?

Was eve made by Adam’s ribs?

Why are there Catholic Churches if Jesus was truly real?

I want my dad to go to church with me and my mom. 

I’ve been feeling unloved recently.

I had a hard time in my life. Can God help me with that?

I’m sad.

Why is there diseases and death for people who are Christians?

I love God.

What do I do if I feel like I’m in a haze?

Is gay Christian?

How do you know when God is talking to you and if it isn’t your own voice?

Since God made the heavens and the earth, couldn’t He make Satan good so there would be no sins, and Jesus wouldn’t have to die on the cross?

Hey, I know I’m not going through some of the stuff as others like offing myself but I had my first major heartbreak not too long ago and it hurts a LOT. Everything reminds me of him. I feel as though my friends like ignoring me. But I have a tendency to junk up my head with negative thoughts. I crave to be accepted and to have people like me. My negative thoughts tell me I’m being petty and an attention craver, but those are also things a person that’s somewhat close to me has called me. I’d understand if you’d skip over this letter thing, but I just thought I’d let you know. 

What do you do when something bad is going to happen when you go home? Such as getting yelled at and getting hurt by your mother. 

Does God get mad?

I feel like I’m not as close to Jesus as I was 2 years ago and I don’t know what to do.

What does it mean to be saved?

What should I do cause this girl I know says she does drugs and she’s suicidal. What should I tell her when I get home? (I promise it isn’t me.)

My sister used to love me but since then she hates me. Please give her the love back.

How do you surrender to Jesus?

Who are God’s parents?

Is God a name or a species?

Are there more gods in different dimensions? 

In a different dimension, are Greek gods real?

How do you know you are a believer?

If we all have souls, what is a ghost?

What’s the difference between a soul and a ghost?

What does “amen” mean?

How old do I have to be to get baptized?

What happens when we pray?

Does God still love me if I sin?

I’ve been saved but something inside me feels like “What if I don’t go to heaven.”

My grandpa does not believe in Jesus. What can I do?

I am 10 and I want to help people learn about Jesus. There is a kid in third grade and his mom died. He has anger issues. How do I help him learn about Jesus? 

Why was Jesus on earth?

How do I know if I’m a true follower and will go to heaven?

How do you know if you are going to heaven?

My mom left me on the street when I was 6 months old. How do I say I miss you?

Every time I’m alone I always get scared and fell alone on the inside. Can you help me?

How did God make the earth?

Sometimes I feel left out and have to cry to sleep sometimes.

My mom and dad are in Heaven. How could I say, “I love you” to them?

How many people have you helped give to the Lord?

Where is heaven? Space is endless. Is it on a planet?

My mom and my dad got divorced when I was 18 months old. My mom got remarried but when I was about 9-10 years old my stepdad died. My mom and my sister have been in a struggle ever since. 

Finally beat depression for the 3rd time.

Is God real?

I was saved and I thought if I did something bad, what would happen? 

I had a pet. She was a opossum. She died 6 months ago. I miss her a lot and when y’all sing I makes me think about her. Thank you because it also makes my day. It’s hard to get over her but I know God is with me.

I had a stepdad who was on drugs and was mean.

My mom and dad are fighting and my dad is in the military so he is gone a lot and I don’t know what to do. 

I have had a family member pass away about one year ago and I’m still confused on why disease and sin was created. She passed due to breast cancer and it’s been really rough through this storm. 

A lot of change has happened recently. How should I deal with it?

My parents fight every now and then. They fight a lot and my dad about left us.

I’m not happy with my life but I don’t want to die.

My mom and brother fight a lot. I hate it so much. It scares me but I don’t know what to do?

Did my parents divorce because of me?

Is suicide a sin?

I accepted Christ last night but there’s a feeling inside me that I’m not going to heaven.

I feel empty. I went and got saved but I still feel empty.

I’m afraid to die. Please help. 

How do you reach to someone who has walked away from God?

I am really dealing with body dysmorphia and I don’t think I can overcome it.

Last night one of my sponsors told me I was welcome to talk to him. I don’t know how to, but I want help.

How would you feel if you had to leave your family?

My brother and sister don’t pay attention to me and my parents barely get off work and my friends never have time to come over after school or in the summer and I have separation anxiety. How do I deal with it? 

Recently I have lost two friends to suicide. And I’m not sure what to do?

How do I recover from an abusive relationship? And my parents are getting divorced.

My parents divorced a year ago and I am still sad. Help me.

Why did my mom/dad break up? Is it because of me?

What happens when someone who doesn’t know Jesus dies?

Everyday I feel trapped because my dad left me.

Why did God create us?

I want to kill myself. 

Why didn’t they kill Jesus or break His arms so he couldn’t breath?

If you blow up a building, can you get saved?

How do you know that you’re a good person or not?

I’m going to save my classmate. I’m going to tell him bout the Gospel because he doesn’t believe in the Gospel at all. I will save him.

Are dinosaurs in heaven?

I want to know if you are saved and how do you know you’re going to heaven?

Why do you have to forgive your sins?

I want to find out if I’m going to heaven but I’m to scared to find out if I’m going. 

I was saved last year but I’m still not sure I’m going to heaven.

If God can tell the future, the He knew Adam and Even would sin. Why did He not do anything about it?

Is heaven like a cube in games or a void?

Why do people/kids go crazy for celebs and not Jesus?

What do I do when my friend cuts herself and thinks about killing herself but I can’t do anything about it because she’s moving. 

How did Jesus heal?

How was the devil made? 

What do you do in heaven?

How has God been alive forever?

How was God created? 

How old is God?

My mom wants me to go to school somewhere else. What do I do?

Can angels die?

Why didn’t God just make us perfect? 

Why don’t we have control over if we sin or not?

How do you love Jesus with all your heart?

Is the cross still up?

How did He make heaven?

Was there dinosaurs on Noah’s ark?

Why did God make the earth? 

How do I live with Jesus?

How do I ask Jesus to save me?

I am thinking about killing myself. I had 2 friends die from suicide.

I was saved today. I’m so happy.

Thank you for showing me the confidence to get saved. 

It’s the last day and guess what, I’m Saved!

I got saved. I am so happy that I found Jesus Christ in my life. Thank you for helping me find Jesus Christ. Before I was a sinner. Thank you for all you guys do to make people believe in Jesus. Thank you so much.

Watch for more questions to be posted soon…

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