Bible Artifacts

“Few things are as powerful as holding a piece of history in your hands…” –Unknown

We are working diligently to provide you with the highest quality of visual teaching tools concerning Bible History.

Below you will find both Replicas and Real Archaeological Artifacts.


Real Items & Archaeological Artifacts

You can own a piece of history. All archaeological artifacts are real and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Coming soon–Real artifacts of:

  • A first-century Jewish Oil Lamp
  • Real Widow’s Mites from around the time of Jesus.

International Orders

We work with churches all over the world and, yes, we ship internationally. Not all of our payment methods allow international orders to be placed, so if you have issues, just email us, let us know what you want, and include your shipping address. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free shipping on international orders. We will send you an invoice, including the shipping cost. Once it is paid, your order will ship out.

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