How to Lead a Child to Christ

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Learn an easy way to share the Gospel of how Jesus saves on a child’s level, but this method is not reserved only for children. If a child can understand this presentation, then so can a person of any age. After all, children are not the only ones who are visual, and this method takes the plan of salvation and turns it into a step-by-step drawing. Whether a person is 7 or 107 years old, not only can they understand this simple explanation of how Jesus saves, but they can learn to share it as well. 

For Parents
There is no greater honor for you, as a parent, than helping your children pray to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of their lives. But many parents are afraid of this. They fear that they don’t know enough or that they will say something wrong or that they won’t know what to do and will permanently damage their child. As a result they pass off their children with their salvation questions to others that they feel are better trained for such matters and in so doing, they rob themselves of one life’s greatest privileges. 

For Church Leaders
Every pastor and church leader should be ready to share the Gospel at any time with people of all ages. Since this method uses a simple drawing to explain God’s plan of salvation, it is easy to learn and easy to use.

For Youth and Children
The simplicity of this method of sharing Christ makes it ideal to teach to students. Even children can lead children to Christ. In fact, they are the best missionaries on the most reachable mission field in America. Children can reach other children in a way that even adults cannot. Using this method of presenting the Gospel, we have seen children as young as the second grade lead friends to Christ.