Print Book: The FLOOD


A 3-Day, Dress-To-Get-Wet Children’s Event

  • Tired of doing the same old events?
  • Paying too much for too little impact?
  • Looking for new ways to connect your kids to Christ?

Give your kids something fresh and new…Use The FLOOD as a three week follow-up on the Wednesdays following your VBS. Or, use it as your VBS or on three Saturdays during the summer to keep kids challenged and connected.

Powerful Bible lessons and engaging activities to lead kids to know and follow Christ. This is the only curriculum you need – Make as many copies as you want for your church and use the access code in this book to get even more resources.

121 pages,  Nonfiction, paperback.

Get the online version HERE.

Affordable. Impacting. A great way to connect kids with God’s truth.

The FLOOD is the first-ever dress-to-get wet summer curriculum.

Your curriculum will include:

  • Powerful Bible lessons
  • Engaging activities where everything teaches spiritual truth.
  • An easy way to share the Gospel with kids
  • Copy Permissions – Make as many copies as you want for your church!

This curriculum can also be used for a fun 3-day VBS.