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“Jesus must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30

“We are a ministry and not a business. Our goal is to reach and teach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Because of this, we’re a little different. Some items are sold and some are available for a price of your choice. And if money is tight, let us know. The generosity of people who support this ministry allows us to scholarship resources to churches and individuals around the world.”

-Kolby & Mary Beth King, founders

Using creative tools to challenge believers and to reach people who might not normally attend a church service.

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Full Membership Subscription

Get full-access to all the digital content on this website. Go to All Topics in the navigation bar to see everything that is available with this membership including family resources, over 350 children’s ministry lessons, ideas, and activities, a year of youth ministry resources, Bible study tools, evangelism training, and more…
Plus, this subscription is for both individual and church use–-that’s right, once you make your subscription, you can share this access with everyone in your church.


Personal Evangelism & Visitation Training

Become an expert at sharing the Gospel anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Learn to create opportunities to share the Gospel, to be ready to lead any age to Christ, to overcome the fears of sharing, to make effective home visits, and much more. Includes over 3 1/2 hours of audio training and expert teaching from two online books.


Questions Kids are Asking

The world is pushing an agenda on our kids and they are asking questions. If we don't intentional answer their questions with the truth, the world will fill in the blanks for us. This free resource includes 400 questions that preteens have recently asked for you to use as a springboard for having conversation with your children.


Children’s Bible Lessons

Get 52 full-length Children's Bible Lessons for elementary kids that can easily be used in both large and small group settings—that's a full year of Bible teaching for your kids!


Games with a Point

Games are powerful ministry tools, especially for children who learn best by doing. Discover 45 of our favorite games in this section. Play the game, have fun, and use the spiritual application to help your children know and follow Jesus.


Do Your Kids Know the Greatest Story of Your Life?

Your story of how you came to Christ is the one story that everyone should know about you--your friends, your family, your children, your grandchildren--everyone.


Making Balloon Animals

Balloon animals are a great way to engage people with the Gospel. Use them as a teaching tool, a conversation opener in evangelism, a tool while going door-to-door, or use them in ministry for sharing the Gospel at your church or in your community.


Memorize the Book of Jude

God’s Word is powerful. It is a guard for your heart and mind but very few Christian adults memorize large portions of Scripture. Take this 30-Day Challenge to memorize the Book of Jude and discover techniques for memorizing chapters and books of the Bible.


52 Devotions for Children’s Ministry Leaders

52 devotions to challenge and encourage children's ministry volunteers. These devotions can be printed and mailed, posted to a website or sent by e-mail to your children's teachers and leaders.


Topical Bible Studies

Most Christians believe what they believe because they've been told to believe it and not because they've seen it in Scripture for themselves. These topical sessions will give you every Bible verse on certain topics so that you can search God's Word for yourself.


VBS Training

We have created an online training experience to equip your VBS leaders and give you a variety of options for this summer’s unique opportunities. Whether you were planning a regular VBS or looking for something new, this training is a perfect fit for your leaders.


Churchwide Evangelism & Visitation Training

Challenge your church family to share the Gospel beyond the walls of the church. This can be used as a discipleship class or a churchwide visitation program. Learn to create opportunities to share the Gospel, to be ready to lead any age to Christ, to overcome the fears of sharing, to make effective home visits and more.


How to Study the Bible

Get a deeper understanding about how to correctly use God’s Word. Many believers think they know how to study Scripture but they carry it more in their hands than in their hearts and most of what they believe has come from what they've been told, not what they've seen in the Bible themselves...


Creative Bible Lessons for Children

Includes FIVE six-week series--that's 30 Bible lessons for children that can be used as a teaching curriculum or adapted for in-home use. Series include: Marshmallow Madness, Sticky Situations, Kitchen Craze, More Kitchen Craze, and Balloon Blast.


Stories to Inspire a Passion for Lost Souls

Enjoy twenty devotions that will challenge you to deepen your desire to see lost people come to Christ. As you read, spend time examining your heart to see what the Lord desires to do in you and through you.


Children’s Ministry Audio Training

Become an expert! More than 15 hours of children’s ministry training. Listen to these audio sessions online or on the go.


Children’s Songs

Twenty songs for kids with hand motions that require no background music. Lead them anytime and anywhere to engage your kids, refocus your group and have a great springboard for teaching spiritual truth.


Learn Ventriloquism

Learn ventriloquism from nationally-known Christian ventriloquist Kolby King and "friends."


Family Devotions

More than 70 action-packed, easy-to-lead family devotions where you and your kids can have family fun together and learn valuable lessons from God’s Word.


Church Technology: Questions Answered

Find answers to frequently asked church technology questions. Have questions that aren't answered here? Contact us and let us know. We're glad to answer your questions and to add them to this resource.

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Make these creative resources available to everyone in your church.

Using creative tools to challenge believers and to reach people who mighty not normally attend a church service.

Don’t just say it–Show it using visual teaching tools that are powerful and teach Biblical life lessons.

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