How to Study the Bible

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Get a deeper understanding about how to correctly use God’s Word. 

Many believers think they know how to study Scripture but they carry it more in their hands than in their hearts and most of what they believe has come from what they’ve been told, not what they’ve seen in the Bible themselves.

Think of it this way: If a person grew up in a culture where people run in a strange way with arms flapping that looks more like a skip and leap than a run and was always told that this was “running.”  Because of what they’ve been exposed to, when they are told to run, they are going to do it all wrong. And they’ll keep running wrong until either common sense hits or someone shows them the right way. 

In a similar manner, because of what many Christians have experienced and been exposed to, they have developed beliefs that are not Biblical, a shaky foundation for what they do believe and a number of bad habits when it comes to Bible study. 

Our goal in this brief introduction is to challenge you to base your beliefs on Scripture and to deepen your understanding of how to study God’s Word.

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