Personal Evangelism & Visitation Training

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Become an expert at sharing the Gospel anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

Learn to:

  • Create opportunities to share the Gospel
  • Share your salvation story
  • Be ready to lead any age to Christ
  • Overcome the fears of sharing
  • Make effective home visits
  • Engage in effective follow-up
  • Successfully reach people door-to-door
  • Safely share Jesus anytime, anywhere

All audio is hosted online. Over 3 1/2 hours of training!

Sessions include:

Audio Training for Sharing Christ

  • Sharing Your Salvation Story (20:13)
  • Understanding the Stage of Accountability (15:51)
  • Creating Witnessing Opportunities (5:02)
  • Sharing God’s Plan of Salvation (32:39)
  • Leading Invitation Times with Children (8:39)
  • Preparing a Decision Room for Children (7:22)
  • Explaining Baptism to Children (8:09)
  • Children After Salvation (8:38)

Audio Training for Visitation & Outreach

  • Making Visits, part  1 – Before You Leave (35:02)
  • Making Visits, part  2- On the Porch and Beyond (24:47)
  • Making Visits, part  3 – Obstacles and After the Visit (26:19)
  • Making Visits, part  4 – Follow-Up Visits (13:40)
  • Making Visits, part  5 – Sunday School, Ministry, and Church Strengthening Visits (20:39)
  • Making Visits, part  6 – Hospital Visits (11:24) 

This course also includes an online version of two books that teach how to effectively share your faith in today’s culure:

  • 20 Seconds of Courage – Personal Evangelism Training
  • At the Door – A Visitation Training Guide

(Print copies of these books can be ordered at a discounted price.)

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