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Fiction: Scrooge the Lost

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“Scrooge the Lost” is adapted from Charles Dicken’s classic “A Christmas Carol”. In this story, however, Scrooge doesn’t just face the truth of physical death but the reality of a death beyond death. This book is the story of Scrooge retold from an eternal and Biblical perspective.

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  • Fiction, 96 pages, paperback.
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In this book you will discover the true meaning of life and the greatest gift of all.

“Yes, upon that infernal beach stood Scrooge the rich, Scrooge the successful. Yes, there stood Scrooge the lost, Scrooge the rejecter, Scrooge the skeptic. He had finished his descent. Perhaps minutes passed. Perhaps hours, but time was as lost to him as life was lost to the people of that place. He dimly watched their pain. He clearly heard their cries. He wept. Oh, he wept and he knew that every soul before him would give all for a single tear to cool their tongues.”

PARENTAL DISCRETION: We encourage parents to read this book before letting young children read it. We have applied a light “shocking content” rating to this audio book due to the intense depictions of eternal death.