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“I couldn’t run 20 feet without losing my breath. I tried jumping rope and jumped 6 times before I had to stop because I couldn’t breathe. I was snoring at night and having trouble breathing because my chest had too much weight on it. I kept buying larger pants because mine just wouldn’t fit anymore. My eating was out of control and I was heading down a bad road which was only getting worse.

“I had always been overweight as a child and this followed me into my adult life. In 2010, however, God moved in my heart that as a minister, especially with children, that my life should be an example of Him in all areas–including my eating habits and my weight.

“The Lord took me on a journey that changed my life-style where I lost 85 pounds–that’s like losing with weight of a 1st grader! I changed my eating habits, increased my health and even removed some allergies with which I had always struggled. The resources, recipes and sessions below will walk you through this journey.”

This isn’t a diet but a life-style change. We’re not saying that this is the only way to make this change but these are simply tips and suggestions from someone who has experienced it. Kolby King, who leads this sessions and who is the co-founder of ThreeThirtyMinistries, is not a doctor or a dietitian. This is not medical advise and please consult your physician, as Kolby did, about the life-style changes you are wanting to make.

Changing Your Life StyleUNDER CONSTRUCTION

There are three aspects that impacted the King Family when Kolby and Mary Beth (who also lost 80 pounds) began this journey in 2010:

Eating Habits – We changed our eating habits and began to track our calories. Details, suggestions and recipes can be found in 8 audio sessions through which Kolby King will explain each key step they took, the pitfalls and how it changed not only their bodies but their lives. This is how we lost the weight and set ourselves on a path for health and wellness. Learn more about This Eating and Lifestyle Adjustment HERE.

Allergy Treatment – This might sound strange but our journey was not only one to loose weight but to have better health. In our home church we began hearing about a functional medicine doctor who had fixed the lactose intolerance of a kid in our church. Not long later we heard about an other child whom he had fixed of severe outside allergies. We had jokingly called him the “voodoo doctor”, but when one of sons was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy, we were desperate. We were carrying EpiPens everywhere and although what we had heard sounded strange, we thought it was worth a try. We watched our son go from being deathly allergic to peanuts to being able to eat them–That’s right, he can eat peanuts now! This way of treating the body’s response is like pushing a reset button on how the brain will respond the next time it encounters it. He also fixed “allergies” for every person in our family including outside allergies, dog allergies, chlorine, food allergies and a bunch more.

That was 10 years ago and since they time this doctor has become a close family friend. He is a godly Christian man who is also an M.D. in his daytime medical practice. He became not only our “allergy” doctor but also our family physician until God moved us from the area. He taught us a type of functional medicine called NAET. It has roots in Eastern medicine and is a form of acupressure (not acupuncture!) but without all the easter religious stigmas that are sometimes added to it. Not only did this give me a greater understanding of how God created our bodies but also of stories such as Jesus healing the woman with an issue of blood. The Bible says that energy went out from Him. Unfortunately, not many people live close to a NAET practitioner but recently a similar allergy treatment has become available for home use. Learn more on the AllergyKit website HERE.

Alkaline Water – We changed what we drank. Moving away from sweet tea and soft drinks, we began drinking alkaline water with a pH of 10.5 to 11.5. Drinking more water instead of calorie-full drinks helped us lose weight but the key benefit of alkaline water is that it is a great anti-inflammatory way to protect against cancer and to highly oxygenate your body.

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