Give Access to All in Your Church

We offer the following Church Licenses to give access to all your church members:

  • Family Resources
  • Children’s Ministry Resources
  • Youth Ministry Resources
  • Evangelism Resources
  • You can also donate to receive access to All Resources – one donation and you will get access to all of the resource bundles listed above.

Each of these allows you to invite church members to have free access to the areas where you have subscribed.

We are committed to helping local churches, and knowing that many churches are struggling, we have reduced the cost for this church license to a donation amount of your choice.

That’s right, you get to set the price!

The Suggested Donation amount for each license is:

  • $84/year (or $7/month) for churches of less than 100 in worship attendance
  • $150/year (or $12.50/month) for churches of less than 250 in worship attendance.
  • $250/year (or $20/month) for churches of less than 350 in worship attendance.
  • $500/year (or $40/month) for churches of more than 350 in worship attendance.
  • By giving more, you will bless us and help to cover the cost for those who cannot afford the entire suggested price, especially churches in other countries who are currently using these resources.
  • We will contact you one year after you subscribe to renew your subscription.

We don’t have a Suggested Donation amount for ALL RESOURCES. We simply leave this up to you. Our desire is to bless your ministry and our faith and trust is in the Lord.

I’m Interested! What’s Next?

STEP 1 – Use the Donation Button below. You can give a one-time donation for a one-year subscription or set-up a monthly gift for on-going use.

STEP 2 – Fill out a short online application HERE.

STEP 3 – We will email a church license, login information and instructions on the best ways to engage your church with the resources that you’ve chosen.

That’s it! Once you’re set up, you’ll have a dashboard from which you can invite people to use the resources, track their progress and much more.

Questions? Just give us a call at 405-326-8197.

Donate to get access

This donation is not a tax-deductible gift but it will be used the share the Good News of Jesus around the world.

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