Children’s Ministry Training

Our kids are under attack in today’s culture but in many of our churches our children only get VBS and hot dogs twice a year during special events. This just isn’t enough. If we are to truly impact the world we must reach and teach children Biblical truths from a young age.

In children’s ministry, we don’t babysit–we don’t put warm bodies in rooms to fill volunteer spots. We are intentional to use every moment to pour our lives and God’s truth in the most teachable age group in our churches. And we train children to know and to share Christ. After all, these children are the best missionaries on the most reachable mission field in America.

To help we now offer a highly impacting conference to train your children’s ministry leaders:

The purpose of The EQUIP>ENGAGE Children’s Ministry Training Conference is to equip your children’s ministry leaders to engage your kids with the truth of God’s Word. This conference, like all of our conferences, can be customized to specifically meet your needs but in short we typically share the following sessions:

  • Session 1 – The Importance of Reaching and Teaching Kids / Making the Bible Come Alive – Teaching in creative ways that help kids connect
  • Session 2 – Sharing the Gospel on a Kid’s Level
  • Session 3 – Effective Teaching Tools / Classroom Discipline / Miscellaneous Ideas
  • Session 4 – Reaching the Future / Training Kids for Ministry / Q & A

This conference is usually around 2 1/2 to 3 hours long which only scratches the surface for some of these issues. For this reason we also give each attender a free account to our children’s ministry audio training which includes more than 15 hours of specialized children’s ministry training.

Schedule a Conference at Your Church

Contact us to inquire about hosting a conference in your area:

We’re here for you. 

Additional Topic Ideas

Each conference is designed to meet your specific needs but can include topics such as:

  • Making the Bible come Alive
  • Creating a Safe and Secure Ministry in Today’s Church
  • Discipline Opportunities
  • Training Kids for Ministry
  • Using Creative Tools to Teach Truth
  • Effective Small and Large Group Teaching
  • Inreach & Outreach
  • Sunday School Boosters
  • Recruiting Volunteers
  • Starting and Leading a Children’s Worship Service
  • Leading Kids in Worship
  • Creating a Puppet Ministry
  • VBS Done Right
  • Salvation Training: How to Lead a Child to Christ
  • Discover more Children’s Ministry topics by browsing the children’s ministry resource library HERE.

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