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Across America we have experienced the effectiveness of public school assemblies during the day with a family-focused outreach that evening. On multiple occasions we have had standing room only and have seen as many as 75 receive Christ in one night (and that was in a church that averaged 55 in Sunday School!) Every community is different and every response is different. In some places we’ll see a dozen or more guest and in others we’ll have 200 or more, depending on a variety of a factors. In other words, our job is simply to be faithful to do what we can and we use a pattern that has proven effective across the U.S. Here’s how it works:

(1) Contact us to find a good date. Wednesday evenings are naturally good and so are Fridays. You can contact us HERE or by simply emailing us. (Please include your phone number).

(2) We’ll provide you with information to take to your public school system. Approach the principals in person first. In some schools the principal makes the decision. In others the principal will defer you to the superintendent. These school assemblies are non-religious. The information we give you will point them to our website for school assemblies–You can see it HERE to understand better what we share with the different age groups. Start with your elementary schools and work your way toward the high schools. We can share as many as 4 to 5 times in a school day–We just need enough time to pack up and move to the next location plus about 20-30 minutes to meet the principal and hook into the sound system. If school assemblies are held in the same location for multiple groups, then they can be stacked one after another. And, if you have too many schools to fit into one day, we can make the event a multiple night outreach.

(3) We’ll provide you with a promotional flier that promotes the evening as a Community Event. We will also give you a link to promotion information and a promo video. Through the years we have developed certain language and key elements that create a simple and basic but highly effective invitation flier. There are lots of ways to use this–In your church, in your bulletin for people to pass out, in your town newspaper, on social media, etc. Color print looks best but many churches have used black and white. We will also ask you to print as many fliers as there are students in your local school system. When I arrive for the assemblies, I’ll ask the principal if it’s okay to put them at the door for students to voluntarily take. There is nothing religious on the flier except that the location of the event is at a church (unless you choose another location in your community). Everything we say and do at the school is in complete compliance with the law. We have shared in schools since 1997 and have never had a bad experience or an issue concerning these matters. Some principals will say no to the flier, which is okay, but this is also the reason that you will want the students from your church ready with fliers that they can distribute. You will also want to prepare them after the assembly to tell their friends, “He’s going to be at my church tonight. Do you want to come?”

(4) We are also available to bring the message in your Sunday morning service. This is a great way to energize your entire church to understand the vision and purpose of the outreach, and if you desire, we can provide training for those who will help during the invitation.

(5) Train the leaders in your church to be ready to share the Gospel with all ages. A majority of those who respond will be children and youth although we have multiple people in their fifties and sixties come to Christ during these events as well. We will share the Gospel in a way that connects with all ages at the same time. Here is a booklet that uses a simple drawing to share the plan of salvation with all ages. You can print for those who are uncomfortable or inexperienced in leading kids to Christ: Click HERE. We originally created this method for a visual way to lead kids to Christ but in 2010 NAMB used it in an app for college students. It works for all ages because if you can communicate the Gospel in a way that a seven year old will understand, so will a ninety-seven year old. We will also be on hand to help with decisions.

Kolby King in a six-foot balloon that is exploding as part of a VBS outreach in 2023.

(6) The event will be fast-paced and will feature a variety of engaging tools such as ventriloquism, fire-eating, stunts, illusions, humorous illustrations, and more. We can discuss specific tools that you can promote but we usually like to have a hook that we know will draw people who might not normally enter the doors of a church. We once had an atheist come because he wanted to see a ventriloquist live. We have had many youth and men come to see us eat fire or use fire stunts. And getting in a six foot balloon is always a big draw because it’s not something you ordinarily see. We don’t necessarily use all of these tools in one service but we’ll pick and choose beforehand to let you know what to promote.

(7) The invitation time is usually short and low pressure. We don’t manipulate people down an aisle. Our desire is for people to respond whom the Lord is calling, who have genuine conviction, questions, or a desire to come to and follow Christ.

(8) Follow-up on decision begins the moment a person makes a decision. Make a plan for follow-up beginning as soon as the event is over and plan a specific time to baptize those who will make salvation decisions.

Contact us and let us know if you have any questions.

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