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God’s Word is a believer’s foundation. It is the living water from which every part of life flows and it changes how you see situations, people and all of life in general. The problem is that most Christians have been spiritually spoon-fed. They believe what they believe because they’ve been told to believe it and not because they’ve seen it in Scripture for themselves. Most of what they have learned about God’s truth comes from other people and not the Bible itself. This creates a very shaky foundation and is the reason that our churches are full of people who either don’t know what they believe or who know what they believe but they can’t tell you why or where it says so in Scripture.

The purpose of this Bible Study series is not to tell you what the Bible says but to list for you all the Bible verses on certain topics so that you can search through Scripture to discover what God’s truth teaches.


  • Dig deeper on each verse deeper with direct links to online Scripture.
  • Order a book for each topic at a discounted price if you prefer to study on paper. Each book has enlarged margins for note-taking and includes an introduction of tips for studying Scripture.
  • Links to extra helps are included in some topics as well.

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