Snowy Day Devotions

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Let it Snow!

Use these five special activities as learning lessons any time it snows this winter.


Read Luke 2:26-35. Discuss how Mary must have felt when the angel appeared; How she must have felt carrying God’s Son; How Joseph, to whom she was engaged, must have felt.

You can also read about the angel appearing to him in Matthew 1:20-21. Why did the angel say the baby should be named Jesus?


Just like you made the snowman the size and shape, with the eyes and ears (of lack thereof) that you wanted, God made you the way He wanted. He built you the way you are for a reason and He has special plans for your life.

Read John 1:12 to find out part of God’s special plan for you.


Take turns making tracks through the snow and see if everyone else can follow in the leader’s footprints. Then discuss what it means to follow Jesus.

When you follow someone, you step where they step, do what they do—To follow Jesus means to be like Jesus. What does it mean to be like Jesus? What does the Bible say in Matthew 5:48 about being like God?


(As it melts)

Get some dirty snow (or slush) from along the street or out of a parking lot. Take it home and see if your children can clean it up. Their challenge is to make it “white as snow” again. It’s impossible.

Then read Isaiah 1:18 to find out what can take a person’s sins away and make them “whiter than snow.” (The answer: This verse looks forward to the salvation Jesus would bring.)


(As it melts)

Going. Going. Almost gone. Look up James 4:13-14 to find out what else doesn’t last forever. How can a person live forever? Will Jesus’ love last forever? Find out in Romans 8:38-39.

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