Teaching the Ten Commandments

Go over the Ten Commandments with your students. Here’s a great way to teach them:

Hand Illustrations for The Ten Commandments 

  • Commandment #1—Finger in the number 1 position—“Keep God first.”
  • Commandment #2—Fingers like cutting scissors—“Cut out idols.”
  • Commandment #3—Hold three middle fingers up to form a W—“Watch your Words.” (Explain that the third commandment is actually not to use the Lord’s name in vain. Explain what this means and them tell them that God wants them to always “Watch their words.”
  • Commandment #4—Hold four fingers up for four words—“Keep God’s Day Holy.” (This can also tie into a family of four going to church in a car that has four wheels all four Sundays of the month, etc.) 
  • Commandment #5—Hold five fingers up, moving to salute, like an army salute—“Honor your father and mother.” 
  • Commandment #6—Hold up one hand with all five fingers up; with the other, point one finger like a gun—“Bang! Do not murder.” 
  • Commandment #7— One hand holds up all five fingers; the other holds up two—“Stop!” (using the hand with five fingers). “Do not commit adultery” (Some people for preteens use the two fingers to point at the eyes since preteens are beginning to deal with certain “lust” temptations.) 
  • Commandment #8— Hold up four fingers on each hand; no thumbs. In certain countries they cut off your thumbs if you are caught stealing—“Do not steal.” 
  • Commandment #9— Hold up nine fingers; turn your hands towards each other and wiggle your fingers while making a whispering sound—“Do not lie.” (Some people say that there are nine people over here and they are telling lies about the one over there. Other stories/illustrations can be made up using the nine fingers as well.) 
  • Commandment #10— Hold out both hands with all ten fingers, palms up like you’re reaching or grasping for something.—“Give me! Give me! Give me! Do not covet.” 

Watch the videos below to see these Ten Commandment Finger Motions taught to a group as a part of the Plan of Salvation:

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