The Allergy Kit

Our family has been greatly impacted by treating allergies through a process called NAET (using a NAET practitioner) and at home using the Allergy Kit. We have been treated for outside allergies, chlorine, mold, and one of our sons who was highly allergic to nuts can now eat them. This is a natural process of helping the brain retrain how to respond when it is exposed to certain elements.

By sharing this, our desire to help you be in the best health possible to be able to serve the Lord. If you are struggling with food “allergies” or other issues, such as trauma or emotional issues, we encourage you to look into this programs or NAET programs similar to it.

The following links will redirect you to The Allergy Kit website. This is not a “Christian” company but a third party website and we do not necessarily agree with everything they say or teach but we have experienced benefits from their products.

Learn more about the Allergy Kit and how it works – Click HERE.

You can order vials to treat the following:

Vial Kits:

The Allergy Kit for Cats with Laser

Dog Allergy Kit w/o Laser (For dogs with allergies

The Allergy Kit for Dogs with Laser

The Autism Allergy Kit

The Chocolate Allergy Set

The Emotional Health Kit

The Environmental Allergy Kit

The Food Allergy Kit

The IBS Set

The Nut Allergy Set

The Pet Allergy Set

The Quit Drinking Set

The Quit Smoking Set

The Shellfish & Fish Allergy Set

Individual Vials

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