Christmas Youth Bible Lessons

Discover two highly-interactive and easy-to-lead Christmas Bible lessons for youth. Theme: We Are the Reason These lessons can also be adapted for use in large group settings. Overview: Lesson 1—The Foundation of Faith Bible Passage: Matthew 6:33; Luke 10:38-42; Matthew 7:24-27 Key Verse: Jeremiah 29:11—“For I know the plans I have for you”—this is the Lord’s declaration—“plans for your welfare, not …

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Thanksgiving Family Devotions Made Easy

Fun, action-packed, easy-to-lead Thanksgiving family devotions. This Thanksgiving engage in family-fun activities that teach spiritual truth. Including stories as discussion starters, which are great at meal times, and devotions to help your family understand the heart of what it means to trust God and give thanks. This purchase includes: These family devotions and activities are also …

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Celebrate with Christmas Family Devotions

Enjoy Christmas family devotions and activities and keep Christ at the center of your Christmas celebration. Make memories with Food for Thought, Christmas Family Fun, Christmas Bedtime Stories, and a special edition of Family Snow Devotions. That’s thirty teachable moments where you can share the real meaning of Christmas.

Memorize the Book of Jude

God’s Word is powerful. God’s Word is a guard for your heart and mind but many carry the Bible in their hands but not in their hearts. Scripture memory, for most, is left to children’s programs and very few Christian adults memorize large portions of Scripture. Most of what they learn about God’s truth comes …

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How to Lead a Child to Christ

Learn an easy way to share the Gospel of how Jesus saves on a child’s level, but this method is not reserved only for children. If a child can understand this presentation, then so can a person of any age. After all, children are not the only ones who are visual, and this method takes …

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Snowy Day Devotions

Use these five special activities as learning lessons any time it snows this winter.


The 40 Day Feast

Read or listen to an entire book of the Bible each day for 40 days. We’ve all heard of a 40-Day Fast but a 40-Day Feast? Well, first of all, this is not a celebration of gluttony but a commitment to “feast” on God’s Word by reading or listening to an entire book of the Bible each …

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Games with a Point

Games are powerful ministry tools, especially for children who learn best by doing. Discover 45 of our most favorite games in this section. Play the game, have fun, and use the spiritual applications to help your children know and follow Jesus. You can use these games as springboards into Bible lessons, as stand alone activities …

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The Power of Balloon Animals

Making Balloon Animals that Teach Truth Balloon animals are a great way to engage people with the Gospel. Use them as a teaching tool, a conversation opener in evangelism, a tool while going door-to-door, or use them in ministry for sharing the Gospel at your church or in your community.

Kids Say the Deepest Things

Discover what kids are thinking and saying. We surveyed hundreds of kids. See their answers to life, Bible and family questions. Some are funny, some are insightful, and some prove that kids can say the deepest things. These questions and answers are great discussion starters for kids in your family or ministry.

52 Devotions for Children’s Ministry Leaders

An effective children’s ministry invests in three key elements: children, parents, and volunteers. The following weekly devotions are a great way of spiritually challenging and encouraging your volunteers and can be printed and mailed, posted to a website or sent by e-mail. This series contains 52 online devotions as well as a PDFs of each.

Creative Bible Lessons for Children

Get five creative six-week series–that’s 30 Bible lessons for children that can be used as a teaching curriculum or adapted for in-home use. The lessons are designed to help children experience God’s Word in a colorful, fun, surprising and creative manner; to ignite in them a hunger that leads them to dig in, crawl inside, …

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