Children’s Ministry Bundle


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Get all the Children’s Ministry Resources:

  • Creative Bible Lessons for Children – These lessons include FIVE six-week series–that’s 30 Bible lessons for children that can be used as a teaching curriculum or adapted for in-home use. Featuring Marshmallow Madness, Sticky Situations, Balloon Blast, and Kitchen Craze.
  • Children’s Worship Lessons – Containing 30 full-length Bible lessons for elementary kids that can easily be used in both large and small group settings. Lessons include a five-week series on the life of Jesus, a five-week series on Daniel, a six-week series called “The Choice to Rejoice” (Thanksgiving and Christmas), four lessons in about “Examples” and 10 lessons on being “Just Like Jesus” (which can lead toward Easter).
  • Children’s Ministry Audio Training – Get an entire audio library to help you succeed in making a difference in the lives of children.
  • VBS Training – Discover what’s missing in many VBS’s and the solutions for taking your Vacation Bible School to the next level. Train your leaders to teach in a way that connects with kids, to know how to lead a child to Christ, to stay focused on what matters and much more.
  • Leading an Effective Fall Festival – Take your Fall Festival to the next level with creative ideas, resources, games, activities and more.
  • Kids Say the Deepest Things – Discover what kids are thinking and saying. We surveyed hundreds of kids. See their answers to life, Bible and family questions. Some are funny, some are insightful, and some prove that kids can say the deepest things. These questions and answers are great discussion starters for kids in your family or ministry.
  • How to Lead a Child to Christ – A simple drawing that shares the Gospel on a child’s level.
  • More resources to come – As we add new lessons and resources to this bundle, you will automatically have access to them.

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