All Sin Box


Place three “soiled” handkerchiefs into the “ALL HAVE SINNED” box. Explain Romans 3:23: “For all have sinned…”  As you point to the word “ALL” and tell how God loves us all and sent Jesus to make a way to remove all our sin, turn the box over to show the “Life” side. Open the top of the box and remove three clean, white hankies. At this point everyone will think that you simply hid the dirty hankies in the box. But Jesus doesn’t hide our sin–He completely takes it away. Slowly open the box on both side. Look through it at everyone. Then tear it to pieces to prove that it is completely empty.

Six boxes are included with this illusion.

“All Have Sinned” Replacement Boxes – For those who already own the “All SIN BOX” handkerchiefs and gimmick. Includes 12 extra boxes.

Watch the video below:

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This trick has been called one of the best visual Gospel teaching tools of all time.

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All Sin Box Kit, Replacement Boxes