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Christmas Color Wands


Show three pocket-sized rods of different colors – Give all three “color wands” to a volunteer. While you cover your eyes and turn your back, the volunteer chooses one, shows the audience and puts it in your hand. He then hides the other two behind his back. Once you have the color wand behind your back, look in your volunteer’s eyes. Say the three colors: Green, red, black. Then, after looking in his eyes, reveal which color your volunteer chose. Complete instructions included.

Great for sharing the true meaning of Christmas. The black stands for “sin.” The red is for the “blood” of Jesus and how he was born to be the Savior of the world. The green stands for “eternal life.”

If you want, you can also tie Christmas decorations into the color green – The Christmas tree is an evergreen, which means the green never goes away; The wreath in the shape of a circle, which means no matter where you start, once you go around the circle, you’ll never reach the end.