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Color Choosing Wands


Give all three “color wands” to a volunteer. While you cover your eyes and turn your back, the volunteer chooses one and puts it in your hand. He then hides the other two behind his back. With the color wand behind your back, look into your volunteer’s eyes, say the three colors, and then reveal the color he chose.

Great for all ages. So easy to learn that even kids can do it. Complete instructions are included. The Color Wands measure approximately 4” long, 0.3” diameter.

Great for small and large groups.

Purchase Options:

    • Gospel Version: Black, Red, Yellow – Great for sharing the Gospel. Black stands for “sin”, Red for the “blood” of Jesus and the Yellow for “heaven.”

    • Bible Story Version: Red, Blue, Green – Great for introducing Bible stories – i.e., Red for how Jesus died for us, Green for the story of Zaccheus and Blue for Jesus calming the storm.

    • Christmas Version: Red, Black Green – Great for sharing the true meaning of Christmas. The Black stands for “sin.” The Red is for the “blood” of Jesus and how he was born to be the Savior of the world. The Green stands for “eternal life.” (You can also tie Christmas decorations into the color green – The Christmas tree is an evergreen, which means the green never goes away; The wreath in the shape of a circle, which means no matter where you start, once you go around the circle, you’ll never reach the end.)

You can also use these Color Choosing Wands to teach about making choices based on the certainty of what God has told us in Scripture. When you chose the color, you are not guessing. You know the answer. When you know Jesus, you know the Answer as well and God has given us His Word as a guide so that we don’t have to blunder through life guessing on what to do. God has told us for certain everything we need to know.

Your purchase includes an instructional video to help you use this illusion more effectively. Your shipment will include an access code. Once it arrives, use the code to Login HERE.


Purchase Options

Gospel Wands, Bible Story Wands, Christmas Wands