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Fastest Knot


Drop a metal ring down a chain necklace and watch as it amazingly ties itself into a knot.

Let others try but it only works for you because you know the secret.


  • One chain
  • One 1 1/2″ ring
  • Complete instructions and access to an online training video

This is a great illustration to launch into topics such as:

  • True Faith – Do you believe I can drop the ring down the chain and it not hit the floor? If you get really good at this trick, you can even go as far as calling up a volunteer and dropping the ring over their head to illustrate the difference between “believing” with your head and actually trusting.
  • The Impossible – Use this illusion to springboard into any Bible story miracle. Nothing is impossible with God.
  • The Importance of God’s Word – Call up some volunteers and let them drop the ring. It won’t work for them. Then teach them how to do it. It will work only because they follow the instructions. The Bible is our instruction book on how to live life…
  • The Importance of Sharing Jesus – You can either tell them the secret of the trick or keep it to yourself. The same is true with the Gospel. We are all surrounded by people who are searching for Christ. Will you show them the way?


Your purchase includes an instructional video to help you use this illusion more effectively. Your shipment will include an access code. Once it arrives, use the code to Login HERE.