International Missions

Help us continue sharing the love of Christ both in the United States and around the world. Donations to this category will be used throughout ThreeThirtyMinistries as a part of our general fund.


Help us share the love of Christ around the world. 

This past year we shared with over 10,000 people in India, which ranks 10th on the world’s most dangerous countries for Christianity. We had the privilege of sharing the Gospel in a village where we were told that some people had never before heard the name “Jesus”.

We have also led trips to Cambodia, Venezuela, Mexico, and England

Help us share the Gospel as we are praying and preparing for mission trips to Russia, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Kenya

We also have apps sharing the plan of salvation in seven languages, our website resources are being used from Nicaragua to South Africa to Pakistan and we helped with a project of smuggling evangelism and discipleship resources into one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

Your gift will impact lives.


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