Helping Small Churches

Partner with us in helping us support small churches with powerful resources and life-impacting outreach. 

We are in a critical time concerning the smaller churches in the United States. Many of these churches are struggling. Some have ministered for more than a century in areas that once thrived but are now in decline. Others are new church plants, trying to be a light in areas of unreached darkness. For many the emphasis in “American church culture” has shifted to larger churches or mega-churches but we have personally seen the power of these strategically-placed small churches who can reach people that no one else is reaching. For this reason our ministry is committed to ministering in churches of all sizes–regardless of what they can afford.

We led a revival in a church that had 55 in Sunday school in town where the youth moved away as soon as they graduate and closed storefronts lined Main street. By the end of the outreach 75 people had received Christ as their Lord and Savior. As I left, the pastor said, “I promise that we will do our best to follow up on each and every one of these decisions. But it’s only me and two deacons and I’m already exhausted.”

I wanted to say, “I’ll stay and help,” but we were scheduled to share in another church in a different part of the state the following day.

Your support helps us to come alongside smaller churches and to do more than just “show up, share and see people saved.” You help us to provide everything that is needed–whether that includes pre-outreach promotion and resources, door-to-door evangelism, leadership training, follow-up and more–to stay, if needed, and to help in every way we can.

330ministries is a 501c3 organization and all contributions are tax-deductible.


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