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Great rope tricks and supplies that can have multiple spiritual teaching applications. Including:

  • 25 feel of “magicians” rope
  • The Cut and Restored Rope Trick
  • Unequal Ropes Trick

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Cut and Restored Rope

Call up a volunteer to cut a rope in half. Tie to the two pieces together to show a knot in the middle. Explain that the knot is like sin that separates us from God. God is perfect and we are not. We have all sinned and are separated from God. Then cover the knot with your hand or a red silk cloth (not included) that represents Jesus. Slide the knot off the rope to show that it is completely restored. In the same way, Jesus died and rose again to make a way to remove our sins and to restore our relationship with God.

Unequal Rope Illusion

Show three separate pieces of rope, each a different size. There is a very short piece, a medium sized piece and a long piece. Fold the three pieces and when the ropes are opened out again, all three pieces are seen to be the same length! This is a perfect illusion to show that any wrong thing, no matter how big, is all sin in God’s eyes. If required, the three lengths of rope can be restored to their original sizes and passed out for examination. Another great springboard for showing that the change Jesus brings can’t be changed back.

25 Feet of Magician’s Rope

Use this thick soft-cored cotton rope, about 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter for any and all rope effects – Cut and Restored ropes, Knotting Effects, Penetrations, etc. It has a solid hefty feel, and the increased diameter makes it easy to use with rope tricks. Supplied in hanks of 25′ white. No instructions included.

“Fear KNOT” Theme Idea

Have you felt scared, like you have a “knot” in your stomach? Throughout the Bible you can see that you don’t have to be afraid if you belong to Jesus because you are not alone.

Each week you begin with a rope trick. Explain that these are just tricks–there’s no “magic”, just tricks, but if they knew the secret, they wouldn’t be tricked. The same is true in life–When you know the truth of God’s Word, you don’t fall for the tricks of this world. The reason that so many people live in fear is because they don’t know the truth of what it means to know Jesus Christ.

Sample Bible Lessons and Scripture verses: Joshua 1:9, Isaiah 43:2, Jesus Calming the Storm, the Great Commission–In each of these, emphasize how God said “I am with you.” Key verse: Psalm 56:3.

If you’re teaching children or youth, end the lesson by teaching them how to tie a different kind of knot. These can easily be found by a simple online search.

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