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Slush Powder


Instantly turn liquids into a solid. Pour water in a cup. Turn it upside down and nothing comes out! A great illustration for teaching trust and faith.

Watch the videos below for more ideas:

Watch slush powder being secretly used in the following video:

Play this game along with the audience in this video and see how observant you are. Simply follow the cup with the water in it and at the end discover how certain you are that you’re right. Remember, slush powder is involved so things aren’t always the way they seem.

Available for Multiple Uses

Take a bottle of water and let everyone watch as you pour it into a Styrofoam cup. Ask who believes you can turn the cup upside down without a drop of water coming out. Call up a volunteer and ask if she really believes. Then ask if you can hold the cup over her head while you turn it upside down. This is a great illustration to demonstrate the difference between believing with your head and trusting with your heart.

It’s also a great tool to explain that you don’t need all the answers in order to keep trusting. Bad things might happen and you don’t know why but you can still trust God.

Single Use Container

There are also many other spiritual lessons that can be taught using this special powder.

Not edible before or after gelled.

Two Size Options:

  • Large container for about 10-12 uses. (One teaspoon per use.)
  • Small container for a single use.

Your purchase includes an instructional video to help you use this illusion more effectively. Your shipment will include an access code. Once it arrives, use the code to Login HERE.

Size Options

Large container for about 10-12 uses, Small container for a single use