Trick Lock


This little lock can’t be opened by the spectator until he puts it behind his back.

The lock reads, “Trick Lock: I will open behind your back.”

This fun trick is a great relationship-building tool and a great springboard for teaching any truth from Scripture. For example,

“I wouldn’t know how to open the lock unless I had read the instructions. God’s Word is our instruction book for life and the Bible tells us…”

This trick works best, in our opinion, if you have two locks–One for you to hold and one for your volunteer. Show him how to try to open the lock. Then tell him to put it behind his back while you do the same. The locks will open. 

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These locks are pocket-sized, measuring about 1 1/2″. Easy to carry. Easy to use on the go so that you are ready to use this illustration anytime and anywhere. 

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