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3 1/2 of Clubs Card


As one of the most versatile tools in your visual teaching toolbox, the Bicycle Svengali Deck is now available to choose the Queen of Hearts as the force card.

Bicycle Svengali Deck Red (Queen of Hearts) gives you the unprecedented quality, feel and precision of traditional U.S. Playing Card Rider Back Playing Cards — with one of the MOST commonly chosen cards, the Queen of Hearts.

Includes detailed written instructions with illustrations; PLUS 3 routines by Daryl Easton.

  • Imagine with NO SLEIGHT of hand, immediately knowing what card a spectator selects EVERY time — even when the spectator cuts the cards.
  • Instantly change the whole deck to the Queen of Hearts.
  • Even an option where the spectator can examine the deck.

Easy to do! Self-working with endless possibilities.

Watch this deck in action with the video below…

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