See Through Blindfolds


See Through Blindfold – Let members of your audience place this large blindfold on their own eyes. They won’t be able to see a thing. But with a secret move, the blindfold is made to be “see through” when you put it on.

Super Vision Blindfold Bag – Instead of using a blindfold, cover your head with this hooded bag and yet your vision is unimpaired. 

These are great for any trick or illustration where you need to see but don’t want your audience to know that you can still see. Choose numbers, read, identify an object that a member of the audience chooses, shoot a Nerf or blow dart gun at a target, juggle, shoot a basketball or ride a bicycle and more. The possibilities are endless.

For an added effect, get two blindfolds and have a competition with a member of the audience–you can see but even though they have an identical blindfold or hood, they can’t.

Great for teaching any Bible story with a blind man or topics about finding God’s will, choosing God’s path, listening to God’s Word, and more.


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