Color Garland

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Show a garland with six different tinsel balls fixed to a ribbon. Have a volunteer select a color and change all the balls to selected color. Or show all the balls of the same color and then transform the balls to six different colors. This trick works both ways. 

Spiritual applications can include illustrations based on the colors, or the idea that if you know the truth (i.e, the Bible), you won’t fall for the tricks of this world, or that there’s a bigger picture than what they’re seeing and there’s a bigger picture in life too–Life is more than breathing, feeling and existing. Real life is only found in Christ!

Show a garland with 6 different color tinsels hanging on a ribbon. Ask a spectator to select one of the colors. All the tinsels change to the selected color.

The 3.5″ tinsel balls allow this item to be produced from a small bag or from the load space of another illusion and makes it easy to carry.

The Color Garland is a stage-sized version of the the Color Sticks which can be seen HERE.