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Color Sticks


Show a stick with six colors on one side and six colors on the other side. Ask a volunteer to choose a number which will determine their color. Watch the amazement as the stick turns that color on both sides. This is pocket “magic” at its best.

Several options are available. All work the same way. See the photos to compare. 

Great for small groups and street evangelism. See details below for a stage version.

STAGE VERSION: The Color Garland

The Color Sticks are great for small groups and street evangelism but what about a stage sized version. Well, we have good news! Using the same basic concept, we have a large version that works with great with groups of all sizes. Instead of a stick, this illustration uses a garland of 6 tinsel balls fixed to a ribbon. Pull the garland out of a small bag. Either show all 6 balls of the same color and then transform the balls to six different colors. Or produce a garland of six different colors, then have a spectator select a color and change all the balls to selected color. The 3.5″ balls allows this to be loaded in a compact load space and makes it easy to carry.

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Purchase Options

Basic Color Stick, Gems set in a Black Stick, Gems set in a Clear Stick