Changed Heart


Large cards change as you put them in a folder to show that “Jesus Saves” and “God Loves You.”

This Gospel Illusion teaches salvation using a card with a black heart on one side and white heart on the other and putting it into a folder that says “Jesus Saves”. It then changes into a card that shows that God loves you and that even when you feel “blue” and have a broken heart, that you’re not alone if you have Jesus in your life.

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Show a card with a black heart on it and talk about sin. Put it in a folder that says “Jesus Saves” and pull out a white heart. Make it change again and most people will realize that you are just flipping the card over and showing the back. Put the card back in the folder but this time you’ll pull out a card with a blue broken heart on one side and the message “GOD LOVES YOU” on the other. At this point everyone will just think that you had a second card in the folder. Open the folder to reveal that it is now empty and that the original card is gone. You are provided with everything you need for this trick. The story teaches from Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23.