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Flash Cotton


These balls of cotton quickly ignite in a bright flash. Great for showing that life is short. We’re here one minute but can be gone in a flash. Are you ready?

You can also use it to show how Jesus can take our sin away–“The moment you receive Christ, your sins are gone in a flash and God has given you a new life.”

Watch the videos below to see it in action…

By making this purchase, I certify that I am at least 18 years old.

Purchase options include buying a 6″ tong to safely hold the flash cotton away from your hand but still easily ignite it. Color and style of tongs may vary.

With this purchase you get one 5g ball of cotton that can be cut and used for about 4 bright flashes.




Purchase Options

Flash Cotton, 6-Inch Tongs, 1 Flash Cotton & 1 Tongs, 2 Flash Cotton & 3 Tongs