Flash Cotton


These balls of cotton quickly ignite in a bright flash. Great for showing that life is short. We’re here one minute but can be gone in a flash. Are you ready?

You can also use it to show how Jesus can take our sin away–“The moment you receive Christ, your sins are gone in a flash and God has given you a new life.”

Watch the videos below to see it in action…

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Purchase options include buying a 6″ tong to safely hold the flash cotton away from your hand but still easily ignite it. Color and style of tongs may vary.


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With this purchase you get one 5g ball of cotton that can be cut and used for about 4 bright flashes. 




Purchase Options

Flash Cotton, 6-Inch Tongs, 1 Flash Cotton & 1 Tongs, 2 Flash Cotton & 3 Tongs