Royal Escape


An attractive case is shown with a black strip inside, held with a standard paper fastener. The black strip cannot be removed by the spectator, but you can easily remove it. This is a great pocket Gospel illusion that opens the door to talk about how Jesus made a way for us to escape from sin or any other Bible story where someone escapes or is delivered. 

Pocket-sized, easy to carry and easy to use. 

Email Us if you want to purchase these in bulk at a discounted price to give to all your students as a witnessing tool to use with their friends. 

Only you can remove the fastened strip.

This illusion is great for small groups and street witnessing. If you plan to use this in front of a large group, we would suggest using several tricks with several volunteers on stage at the same time. Have 4-6 volunteers try to get it off and while you take it from them one at a time to show them all that it always comes off for you…because you know the secret. Not telling them the secret of the trick won’t affect their lives one bit but keeping Jesus a secret and not sharing Him with others can affect others not only today and tomorrow but for the rest of forever.