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Needle Through Balloon


Pass an 18-inch long needle with ribbon through a balloon without popping it!

Watch the video below to see this illustration in action:

Pass a large 18″ long needle with ribbon through a balloon without popping it. This item includes the stainless steel needle, ribbon, a dozen large 12″ balloons, and full instructions.

A great illusion for teaching that all things are possible or for illustrating that your beliefs don’t change reality. After all, not many people believe that an 18″ long needle can go through a balloon!

You can also include an optional accessories below:


Lubricated Needle Carrying Case

This is the best way to store, carry and disguise your needle for the Needle through the Balloon illusion. The inside of the case is lubricated to help keep your needle in the best shape and ready for instant use. Dimensions approximately 18″ x 0.5″

Order Extra Balloons

Includes 20 clear balloons to restock your supply and to make sure that you’re always ready to “make a point”–literally!

Order Options

Needle through Balloon Illustration, Needle through Balloon Illustration with Carrying Case, Carrying Case only, 20 Extra Balloon