Spring & Ring Illusion


Only you can remove the ring.

Can you remove the ring from the spring? Seems impossible, unless you know the secret!

Pass it around. Let others try but it will only work for you.

This illusion is a great relationship-building tool and can also be a great opener to talk about how the Good News is not a secret.

“I wouldn’t know how to get the ring off unless someone had shown me. In the same way, I wouldn’t know about Jesus unless someone had told me.”

We are all prisoners of sin. We are trapped, just like the ring is trapped by the spring. No matter which way you go, you can’t get yourself free. But once you know the truth about the spring, then it comes off easily. And, in life, once you receive the truth of the Gospel, only Jesus can set you free.

Only you can remove the ring from the spring.

Springs are approximately 3″ long with a .5″ diameter ring. The ends of the spring are welded together so that the ring can’t just slip off the end. It seems simple but people of all ages will find themselves stumped by this simple and easy-to-use trick puzzle.