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Sunday Morning Worship Services

Watch Kolby King share the Gospel during a Sunday morning worship service in Colorado Springs:

“I have watched as Kolby captivated an audience filled with people of all ages. He seems to have an uncanny ability to connect with adults, teens and children all at the same time.”

Watch Kolby King share the Gospel during a Sunday morning worship service at Redemption Hill Church:

“Kolby and Mary Beth King are some of the most wonderfully spiritually gifted people I have met over the years…Throughout the revival there were over forty decisions to come to know Christ…”

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Watch Children’s Camp Services

Children’s Camp Service – Day 1

Enjoy the fun from an evening service at children’s camp. This fun and funny video features ventriloquism, illusions, and explains how God loves you and made a way to save you…

Children’s Camp Service – Day 2

This fun and funny video from a children’s camp worship service features ventriloquism, illusions and humorous illustrations showing that there is ONE WAY to Heaven, only through Jesus Christ…

Children’s Camp Service – Day 3

Hear the amazing story of how Jesus died on the Cross and rose again. Enjoy this fun video from a children’s camp worship service featuring ventriloquism with “Dr. Love”, illusions, and the greatest story of all…


Various Clips

There’s no “magic” to these illusions. They’re just tricks. As you go through life, be careful not to get tricked by the ways of the world. Keep following Jesus…no matter what!

Flash Paper

Discover how Jesus can take our sins away.


“Creation Bag”

Learn how God is real, even though we can’t see Him.


“The Purse Trick”

There are a lot of choices in life but what you’re looking for is only found in Jesus Christ.


“Chain Escape”

Only Jesus can set us free from sin.


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