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Sunday Morning Worship Services

Watch Kolby King share the Gospel during a Sunday morning worship service in Colorado Springs:

Watch Kolby King share the Gospel during a Sunday morning worship service at Redemption Hill Church:

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Worship Services, Revivals & More

Creative Worship Services—Engage your congregation with a powerful and challenging worship service that includes ventriloquism, drama and a message through both preaching and visual illustrations.

4-Day Outreach Events—Challenge your church to reach the lost and engage people in your community who might not normally enter the doors of a church through a “revival-like” event. These services include ventriloquism, drama, illusions, and other creative tools that present a strong Gospel message to move your church and people from your community towards salvation and a closer walk with Christ. We also many times share inside public and private schools in the area as well. 

4-Day Discipleship Events—Kolby and Mary Beth have a passion for training believers. Let us know areas of discipleship that need to be addressed and we will engage your church through creative teaching. (Topics might include taking spiritual leadership in the family, how to share your faith, how to know God and study Scripture, how to deal with salvation doubts, overcoming bitterness, moving beyond church conflicts and more.) 

One-Night Events—For any age and for any event including children’s events, youth ministry events, family themes, senior adult banquets, Upwards events, special features, 5th Quarters and more. We are also available to consult with you to help you determine the best kinds of events to benefit your ministry and how they play into your overall ministry strategy. 

Banquets—Seasonal all-church banquets, appreciation events and dinner activities are available for the whole church. 

Outreach Visitation—Looking to launch a church outreach and visitation program? Then look no further. We provide leader training, curriculum, and all-church conferences on this subject. 

NEW! First Impressions—Sometimes it’s hard to see what a guest sees when they come to your church.  What is your first impression? How good is your signage? What do guests experience when they walk in not knowing anything? How do they feel? What do they see? How do your church members treat them? To help you, we will attend your church as guests and give you a written evaluation with suggestions for improvement.  We have already evaluated churches from a small size to over 2,000 in attendance.

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